Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyone Needs A Hug

I am still on my quest for the "must haves" for moms. When I was preggers with #1 I was so caught up in maternity and baby clothes. Now that I have been there done that I have been searching for some things for me and of course for baby, but my mom, sisters and friends are always asking what would make a great "mom gift" or "what would you like to receive"?

So, since clothing is out....I am so growing at warp speed these days...I thought, everyone needs a hug!! Wish I really thought of that, but the clever mama behind Belmama & Cherub is certainly on to something!!

I present to you The Shower Hug:

It is genius, it is soft it is heavenly!!! So while searching the internet for a comfortable bra/ nursing bra (Um, if there are any men reading this you might want to check back tomorrow ;)
I stumbled upon this really wonderful product.
The Shower Hug by Belmama&Cherub is truly sheer heaven. Now to know this you have to be a pregnant or nursing mom. We all know what happens to the boobs girls and they hurt like heck!
This little baby was thought up by a mom!! Yay, we love that!! And guess what? She thought it up in the shower!!

Here is a closeup:

So why should you use a Shower Hug?
If you have ever been or are currently pregnant or breast feeding you can certainly empathize with breast tenderness and/or pain.

Showers can sometimes be excruciating! I can speak from personal experience on this one. I felt like I wanted to die when I was nursing my son. My long awaited showers were a quick in and out ordeal, it was more like a torture than a retreat.

Even pregnant now I can tell you my chest is super sensitive to showers and bras (I know, too much info, but I have to keep it real!!!)

This product Rocks! I was so super lucky to try one pink of course! Seriously, it is hard to go bra-less when you have a large-ish size chest and add in being pregnant....its just not a good idea.
So, I wrapped the Shower Hug around me (so easy because of the velcro front closure) and it is so soft!! It is way softer than a regular towel.

I sat in my PJs, watched TV and slept in it!!! Yup, I totally forgot that I had it on and it really hugged me, not like a bra, better. No pressure on my shoulders at all because of the strapless feature, it was really nice.

So, I got up and headed straight for the shower with it still on...yes it stayed up all by it self. It shielded me from the shower spray and I felt totally comfortable.

I am so excited that I have this to use post baby too!! In my opinion, this is a MUST for moms, especially for nursing moms. I wish I had this the first time around. If you are looking for a gift for someone this is it.
You know this is going to the hospital with me!!!

You can go Here or to get your own or for someone you love!!

Thanks Belmama & Cherub for making products with mom needs in mind!!!


PaperCourt said...

What a great idea!

Her Preppiness said...

Great idea!!

MarvelousMOM said...

That is pretty neat. My boobs haven't hurt through pregnancy, but I am sure I will be feeling some pain very, very soon! :)