Friday, June 12, 2009

My Hospital Bag

So, its been two weeks since I gave birth, which is still such a weird feeling since I am technically still supposed to be pregnant!! Anyhow, I snapped this shot of my bag in my hospital room getting ready to go home. I swore the second time around I would be totally prepared, but are you ever really? I had packed this bag a day before, thinking it was way too early, but I thought wrong! Thank goodness we took the bag with us, we almost left it thinking we would be sent home.

Anyhow, these things were essential to me and I wanted to make sure they were noted and thanked properly!

My "Hospital Bag":

I LOVE it! It is no longer for my hospital stay, but it is super roomy and has lots of pockets to stash little things. You can get one at

Dry hospital rooms make for dry lips:

Tiny, but powerful stuff!! Easy to stash in my bag and it made this mama very happy!!
You can get your Snog at

Oh the not so fun part about motherhood, engorgement! The nurses tell you to keep your back to the shower, but this little baby has been my new best friend:

The Shower Hug, by Belmama & Cherub is a MUST for any mom, breast feeding or not. I use it everyday. You can get yours at

Oh, my super fancy gown, by Girlie Gowns:

Since I had an emergency C-section, they would not let me wear my gown into the OR, and the nurses said, "Its so pretty, save it for your visitors". So I did! It was so super comfy to wear after my surgery because I couldn't get a night gown on with the IVs and things this actually made me feel pretty and presentable to visitors!
You can get yours at

Cosmetic Bags, you can never have too many and these are my favorites!! SarahJanes oilcloth bags kept my toiletries and makeup neat and tidy. Yes, I did pack makeup!! Thank goodness!!

You can get your bags at

My swollen little feet were super pampered in these spa slippers by Preppy Parade:

I know I have said it before, but these were a godsend for me. My feet were so swollen these were the only thing I could get on my feet and they looked so cute!! I got lots of compliments on them!! You can order a pair at

Some things that I had not thought to pack but were given:

I was not able to take a shower right away so to keep my hair smelling clean my sister picked this up for me:
I haven't used dry shampoo much but this one smells so yummy and fresh. You can get it at

I wasn't able to get up for a while after having the baby so my sister brought me this:

This spa water was refreshing and cleansed my face with out having to get out of bed!!! It smelled so yummy too! You can get it here.

Oh, how I am so missing that Hospital room and those nurses! We have just discovered that Coop is showing signs of colic, which I was hoping would pass us by. ( CJ had it for the first 3 months and it was a nightmare!). So we are switching formula to try to make him more comfortable, poor little guy!! Wish me luck!!

Happy Friday!!


inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

I love the little cosmetic bags...I need a new one so I will have to check them out!

Family Life said...

I am making a list of things for my hospital bag for when I get pregnant again. May not be for two or three years, but these things sound like I can't do without! Thanks!

shoeaddict said...

Thank you for this. I'll need it in November (or late October).

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh goodness Miss Preppy Mama, you had to be the most stylish Mama in the entire hospital! And now we have *so* many new places to go visit, we have such similar taste!

Congratulations once again, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and his colic either goes away, or is better.

SAS said...

I am glad you enjoyed the hospital. While our hospital accomdations were nice and the nurses were wonderful I was never so ready to get our of somewhere in my life. Once we got home it was so much better! Our sweet little girl has colic too. It is absolutely exhauasting. I have ordered a bunch of books hoping it will help but haven't gotten them yet! said...

Congrats, sweet Mama!!

So, I must tell you that thanks to you, my friend will be getting the monogrammed GirlyGown and also the Shower Hug!!

Her baby shower is this weekend and I seriously can't wait for her to open these FAB gifts!!!!

Thanks for keeping us in the stylish/preppy loop!!!


Preppy Sue said...

Great stuff, love the suzihomemaker site! Your hospital gown is fantastic, they should become standard issue :)