Monday, March 21, 2011


today, officially Spring...
it snowed.

Oh I am not in a good place today.
My head was totally ready for Spring.
I broke out my capris.
Painted my toes:

Ok, "Little Brown Dress" may not
be your idea of Spring,
but painted toes are a rare in my home these days!

I actually snuck in a little
retail therapy:


{I snagged this adorable Cadabra cardigan in Navy}
I love it!

I snagged this belt for $9:

And this adorable sign at Pottery Barn
for $3.99:

I love how these look:

So, while I was dreaming of warm

I found myself in Lilly and am loving these:

My local store did not have the bracelets yet,
but they remind me so much of
summer vacations when I was a kid.
A more "grown up" version!

These sandals I am totally lusting over:

These too:

So, we have been totally MIA.

We put our place on the market last week
so we have been busy being crazy!

The thought of strangers walking through my
home, makes me nuts!

So most of my time is spent cleaning
and re-cleaning everything.

I carefully stage it before I leave
and take it down before the kids
touch any of the "good" towels!

Crazy, but I kind of enjoy it.
Is that sick?
Anyhow, that is where we have been.

Hope some of you are still out there.

Have a wonderful week!

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hometown girl said...

i love those wedge sandals, i only paint my finger nails about once a year! but i love that color! good luck with your house! susan